We offer beautifully designed exclusive and elaborate cakes, cookies or other tempting desserts – the pride of our qualified confectioners.

Miesto Sodas restaurant is always willing to offer the customers delicious cakes or pastries of exceptional taste, size or flavour for wedding, birthday or any other special occasion. We use only natural high quality ingredients.

Order cakes at our restaurant and we will guarantee you the best flavour, beauty and quality.




Take Away Cakes Menu

1 kg Price
Warm apple pie 12,90
(weight of not less than 2,4 kg)
Poppy seed cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 1,6 kg)
Meringue gateau 14,90
(weight of not less than 1,6 kg)
Curd chiffon pie 11,90
(weight of not less than 1,3 kg)
Black forest cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 2,2 kg)
White lady cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 1,6 kg)
Double chocolate cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 2,2 kg)
Youghurt cream cake with peach/ raspberry/ strawberry 11,90
(weight of not less than 2,3 kg)
Caramel cake with mascarpone 13,90
(weight of not less than 2 kg)
Raffaello cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 1,6 kg)
Cake "Moss" 14,90
(weight of not less than 2,2 kg)
Napoleon cake 14,90
(weight of not less than 2 kg)
Cake "Honey" 12,90
(weight of not less than 2 kg)
Cheese cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 1 kg)
Cake "Chocolate temptation" 14,90
(weight of not less than 2 kg)


Desserts Menu

Homemade ice cream 2,9
Topped with strawberry, chocolate or caramel sauce 3,4
Sorbet 2,9
Mango - passion fruit
Black currant
Sunday ice cream 3,9
Strawberry, blueberry, vanilla ice cream and fruits topped with syrup and whipped cream
Our whipped cream 2,4
Whipped cream topped with chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce
Banana split 3,4
Banana, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce and almond flakes
Fruit jelly 2,4
With whipped cream and fruits*
* with fresh fruit in season
Fruit assorti 6,9
Banana milk shake 2,9
Strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, banana, vanilla
Fruit mix 3,4
Various berries, kiwi, melone, banana.
Wholesome coctail 3,4
Spinach, banana, raspberry, elderflower
Wholesome coctail 3,4
Oat milk, avocado, banana, lime
Warm apple pie 3,9
Shortcrust pastry pie filled apples and cinamon. Served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream
Poppy seed cake 2,9
Poppy seed spong and caramelized cream dessert coated with whipped cream and garnished
Berry / peach and yoghurt cream cake 2,9
Strawbery, blueberry, raspberry or peach in season (ask your waiter)
Meringue gateau 3,9
Meringue gateau with coffee cream
Curd chiffon cake 2,4
Very popular!
Cake "Moss" 3,4
Spinach biscuit layer cake with condensed milk and berry whipped cream
Cake "Chocolate temptation" 3,9
Dark chocolate biscuit layer cake with caramel mascarpone and brandy cream
Napoleon cake 3,4
Puff pastry with vanilla cream and black currant jam
Cherry liqueur saturated chocolate sponge layered with cherries and whipped cream
Double chocolate cake 3,4
Chocolate sponge layered with dark and white truffle mixture