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Caesar salad 5,90
With grilled chicken breast 7,90
With oven baked salmon 8,50
With grilled beef 8,90
With grilled king prawns 8,90
With tuna 8,90
Fresh vegetable salad with honey - mustard dressing 5,50
With grilled chicken breast 7,50
With oven baked salmon 7,90
With grilled beef 8,50
With grilled king prawns 8,50
With tuna 8,50
Graikiškos salotos 6,50
Thick and spicy beef soup with garlic bread 4,90
Thai chicken and shrimp soup 4,90
Creamy onion soup with Portobello mushroom cream 4,90
Fish soup with mussels and king prawns 4,90
Homemade chicken broth with garlic bread 2,90
Lithuanian cold beet soup * (* only in warm season) 3,90
Salmon filet with herb butter 9,90
Sheatfish filet with fresh lemon - cannabis sauce 9,90
Tuna steak with fresh lemon herb sauce 10,90
Chicken breast “Kiev” cutlet 7,90
“Astra” roast chopped chicken breast 7,90
Grilled chicken breast with mushroom-pepper sauce 7,50
Grilled turkey breast with smoked sweet pepper sauce 7,90
Roast duck breast served with red wine - cherry sauce 10,90
Sous vide pork fillet with BBQ sauce 8,90
Smoked dry-aged shank with braised red cabbage 9,90
Fifty-day wet-aged entrecote with peppercorn Demi-glace sauce 21,50

Choose side dishes

Hot side dishes
Potato wedges
French fries
Potato croquettes
Vegetables side dishes
Hot vegetables
Fresh vegetables
Burger with pulled chicken 8,50
Burger with Portobello mushroom stuffed with onion jam 8,50
Burger with beef, rib roast and honey glazed Chorizo 8,90
Burger with salmon, seaweed and Teriyaki sauce 8,90
Traditional Lithuanian fried bread with Cheddar cheese sauce 4,90
Baked Camembert with raspberry jam and fresh berries 7,50
Asian style marinated herring filets with potato wedges 5,90
Fried chicken tulips with sweet potatoes, seaweed and Sriracha sauce 5,90
Vegetables pancakes "Pakora" with red curry sauce 5,50
Small set of snacks (for 2-4 persons) 12,90
Big set of snacks (for 6-8 persons) 18,90
Octopus with Portobello mushrooms, chery tomatoes, Chorizo, butter fried potatoes seasoned with thyme and rosemary 19,90
Mussels in white wine sauce with Chorizo served with garlic bread 12,90
Duck confit with cornmeal porridge, red wine sauce and pickled radishes 13,90
Wet-aged venison ham steak with French potato puree, creamy peppercorn mushroom sauce and fresh vegetable salad 18,90
Beef steak with peppercorn Demi-glace sauce and French potato puree 18,90
Panini sandwich with eggs and vegetables 4,9
Panini sandwich with eggs, pulled chicken and vegetables 4,9
Panini sandwich with eggs, bacon and Portobello mushrooms 4,9
Oatmeal porridge with banana and raspberry jam 2,5
Oatmeal porridge with bfresh berries and butter 2,5
Oatmeal porridge with butter and herbs 2,5
Omelette with ham, Portobello mushrooms and Mozzarela 4,9
Omelette with fried vegetables 4,9
Omelette with butter and herbs 4,9
Fried egss (with 2 selected ingridients: bacon, ham, Portobello mushrooms, fresh cucumber, potato wedges, onion jam, Chorizo, cherry tomatoes, canned artichoke) 4,5
Crepes with spinach filling 4,9
Crepes with mushrooms and ham filling 4,9
Crepes with chicken (spicy) 4,9
Stir fried asian vegetable mix with egg noodle 4,90
Stir fried asian vegetable mix with rice noodle 4,90
Stir fried asian vegetable mix with rice 4,90

To choose:

chicken 2,00
beef 3,00
prawns 3,50
turkey 2,50
yakitori 1,00
teriyaki 1,00
sweet chilli 1,00
swet chilli hot 1,00
red curry 1,00
Breast chicken skewer 4,90
Served with fresh cucumber and tomato
Chicken burger 4,90
Served with fresh cucumber and tomato
Crepes with curd 4,90
Served with chocolate or strawberry filling
Crepes with bananas 4,90
Served with chocolate or strawberry filling
French fries with fresh vegetables 3,50
Served with ketchup
Milk drink 1,60
Chocolate, caramel
Milk shake 2,90
Strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, banana, vanilla
Homemade ice cream 2,9
Topped with strawberry, chocolate or caramel sauce 3,4
Sorbet 2,9
Mango - passion fruit
Black currant
Sunday ice cream 3,9
Strawberry, blueberry, vanilla ice cream and fruits topped with syrup and whipped cream
Our whipped cream 2,4
Whipped cream topped with chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce
Banana split 3,4
Banana, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream topped with chocolate sauce and almond flakes
Fruit jelly 2,4
With whipped cream and fruits*
* with fresh fruit in season
Fruit assorti 6,9
Banana milk shake 2,9
Strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, banana, vanilla
Fruit mix 3,4
Various berries, kiwi, melone, banana.
Wholesome coctail 3,4
Spinach, banana, raspberry, elderflower
Wholesome coctail 3,4
Oat milk, avocado, banana, lime
Warm apple pie 3,9
Shortcrust pastry pie filled apples and cinamon. Served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream
Poppy seed cake 2,9
Poppy seed spong and caramelized cream dessert coated with whipped cream and garnished
Berry / peach and yoghurt cream cake 2,9
Strawbery, blueberry, raspberry or peach in season (ask your waiter)
Meringue gateau 3,9
Meringue gateau with coffee cream
Curd chiffon cake 2,4
Very popular!
Cake "Moss" 3,4
Spinach biscuit layer cake with condensed milk and berry whipped cream
Cake "Chocolate temptation" 3,9
Dark chocolate biscuit layer cake with caramel mascarpone and brandy cream
Napoleon cake 3,4
Puff pastry with vanilla cream and black currant jam
Cherry liqueur saturated chocolate sponge layered with cherries and whipped cream
Double chocolate cake 3,4
Chocolate sponge layered with dark and white truffle mixture  
1 kg Price
Warm apple pie 12,90
(weight of not less than 2,4 kg)
Poppy seed cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 1,6 kg)
Meringue gateau 14,90
(weight of not less than 1,6 kg)
Curd chiffon pie 11,90
(weight of not less than 1,3 kg)
Black forest cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 2,2 kg)
White lady cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 1,6 kg)
Double chocolate cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 2,2 kg)
Youghurt cream cake with peach/ raspberry/ strawberry 11,90
(weight of not less than 2,3 kg)
Caramel cake with mascarpone 13,90
(weight of not less than 2 kg)
Raffaello cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 1,6 kg)
Cake "Moss" 14,90
(weight of not less than 2,2 kg)
Napoleon cake 14,90
(weight of not less than 2 kg)
Cake "Honey" 12,90
(weight of not less than 2 kg)
Cheese cake 13,90
(weight of not less than 1 kg)
Cake "Chocolate temptation" 14,90
(weight of not less than 2 kg)